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J. Mark Holland

Mark and his wife of fifty-four years, Phyllis, live in Watertown, Wisconsin. Mark retired after thirty-nine years of ministry, including thirty-six years of teaching in Christian schools: elementary, secondary, with twenty-six years at the college level. They have three children, with two born in Puerto Rico, and six grandchildren.

Mark grew up in a Christian home in which Bible study was a regular routine. He attended grades 6, 7, 8 in a parochial school, memorizing hundreds of scripture verses and then to a Christian high school in which the Bible classes focused on the Bible itself. Then came three years of Bible Institute study, followed by approximately 5 years in three universities including both a B.S. and M.A degree.  In 2003 he was awarded the degree,  D.Hum.

He taught Bible, Math, and Science in Christian elementary and high schools followed by 26 years as a Bible college faculty member. Thus, Bible study has been his heart's desire.  The personal study resulting in Thrice Trumpeted Truths is a capstone effort and could only be possible by a foundational knowledge of the English Bible with “computer searches” to verify the findings of more than 100 unique, triple proclamations.